Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sign Up for Monthly Email Updates

Busy with a thousand things? Just don't have time to visit the site, but still want to read some posts occasionally?

Announcing a new way to follow The Relentless Fight: Monthly email updates. Here's what you'd get:
  • Digest of blog posts from the past month so you don't miss any.
  • Special announcements of blog updates and contests.
  • Monthly reminders to encourage, empower, and equip you for the great fight of faith.
The email updates are powered by MailChimp and are "double opt-in" to protect your email and prevent spam. So if you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation link in an email, and only AFTER clicking the link will you be subscribed.

May God use these email updates as a way to deliver more gospel encouragement, gospel empowerment, and gospel equipping to your inbox...and to your life!

Redeeming email for God's glory,
The Relentless Fight