Monday, May 7, 2012

#Jesus2012 Let's Make Jesus Famous

#Kony2012 was a viral marketing masterpiece, exploding on the social sphere in mere hours. The YouTube video had over 74 million views in ONE week. Invisible Children accomplished their initial goal, they have made Joseph Kony famous.

But let's think about this in a bigger picture view. Let's say, best case scenario plays out. What happens? We raise huge global awareness, we find him, and we bring him to justice. What happens the next day? 10,000 wicked men and women sprout up to take his place. Same thing with the sex trafficking industry, "If we rescued every victim today, we'd wake up to a demand for 100+ million new slaves tomorrow." It sounds depressing, but the reality is that something is deeply, profoundly wrong with the human race. Our hearts are sick, broken, twisted, and it seems hopeless to stand against the stream of injustice, hatred, and violence that is laying waste to our globe.

Should we give up? No. But perhaps we should shift our gaze and make a distinction between primary and secondary issues. Here's the point of this post: Kony is secondary. All social justice issues are secondary. All humanitarian missions, all awareness campaigns, and even every church pot luck, they're all secondary. The ONE thing that is primary is the fame of Jesus, gloriously displayed in the gospel of Christ crucified for sinners. 

If this glorious gospel takes second place, we LOSE whatever we've placed on the throne where only Jesus belongs. We lose justice. We lose righteousness. We lose HOPE. But if we keep Jesus in the place of primary honor, and labor with our lives to make HIM famous, not giving up the secondary issues but letting them be motivated BY the primary issue, we will win not just the battle for justice with Kony, but the larger war against injustice everywhere. Do you see the difference? Justice for Kony is a fruit that comes from the tree of justice and righteousness that grows out of the gospel.

Our deepest problem is the human heart is sinfully wicked. We have rebelled against our good Creator, and the fallout from that treason has devastated us for centuries. If ignorance and lack of resources are the problem with the human race, then awareness and mobilization is the solution. But if sinful broken relationship with the holy God is the core problem, then the reconciling, forgiving, atoning, sanctifying Cross of Jesus Christ is the core solution. Don't confuse the fruit with the tree. You must go deep enough to fix the real underlying problems.

So for 2012, here's the challenge: Let's make Jesus famous. #Jesus2012. Because here's His best case scenario: We preach the gospel to the ends of the earth and then Jesus comes back! Not only will redemption, reconciliation, mercy, and justice begin to coat this earth in healing WHILE we preach the gospel, but when we accomplish our task, and Jesus is truly famous among every tribe and tongue and nation, then we shall have our Returning King. On that day we will celebrate true and lasting justice, joy, and redemption. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

Making Jesus famous,
The Relentless Fight