Monday, February 11, 2013

Matt Moore "Yes, I was on Grindr."

Matt Moore is a Christian blogger who writes about his experience of same-sex attraction, leaving the homosexual lifestyle, and struggling with obedience in the Christian life (like all of us). You can read his blog here:

In the last few weeks Matt chose to create an account on Grindr, an iPhone app that allows gay men to connect locally. Since Matt was known publicly on the Internet as claiming to have left the homosexual lifestyle, this was seen as a MAJOR hypocrisy and failure for a well-known Christian figure. And wow does the media love that! So the Huffington Post ran an article last week exposing and shaming Matt.

But it doesn't end there. 

Did Matt deny it? Nope. Did Matt reject Christ? Nope. Here's what Matt Moore did: He confessed, and he repented. And THAT is amazing. The next day he confessed publicly on his blog, "Yes, I was on Grindr."

Read the article. Read it and think about it. What Matt did here is an amazing testimony to what it looks like to repent and believe the gospel. Another powerful example is the interview he did with the Christian Post the next day: Interview: Matt Moore on Being 'Outed,' Same-Sex Attraction, and God's Grace.

Matt Moore encapsulates the heart of The Relentless Fight in his blog post and interview. What do we do when we fail? We remember the gospel, and we keep fighting.

Praying for Matt,
The Relentless Fight